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Detailed Translations for Anbieter from German to English


Anbieter [die ~] noun

  1. die Anbieter
    the tenders
  2. die Anbieter
    the provider
    – In a Web Parts connection, a server control that sends data to a consumer control. A provider can be a WebPart control or any type of server control, but must be designed to function as a provider. A provider must have a special callback method marked with a ConnectionProviderAttribute attribute in the source code. This method provides data to consumer controls in the form of an interface instance. 1
  3. die Anbieter
    the provider
    – An in-process dynamic link library (DLL) that provides access to a database. 1
  4. die Anbieter
    the provider
    – A company that provides services or content for its customers. 1
  5. die Anbieter (Dienstanbieter)
    the provider; the service provider
    – An entity which provides some services. 1
  6. die Anbieter (Lieferant; Händler; Kreditor)
    the vendor
    – A party that supplies products to one or more legal entities in exchange for payment. 1
  7. die Anbieter (Synchronisierungsanbieter)
    the provider; the synchronization provider
    – A software component that allows a replica to synchronize its data with other replicas. 1

Translation Matrix for Anbieter:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
provider Anbieter; Dienstanbieter; Synchronisierungsanbieter Beschaffer; Verschaffer
service provider Anbieter; Dienstanbieter Dienstanbieter; IAP; ISP; Internetdienstanbieter; Metadaten-Provider
synchronization provider Anbieter; Synchronisierungsanbieter
tenders Anbieter
vendor Anbieter; Händler; Kreditor; Lieferant Handelsmann; Hausierer; Händler; Kaufmann; Straßenhändler

Synonyms for "Anbieter":

Wiktionary Translations for Anbieter:

  1. Wirtschaft: jemand, der etwas anbieten; jemand, der eine Ware oder Dienstleistung gegen Bezahlung zur Verfügung stellt

Cross Translation:
Anbieter dealer; supplier; provider aanbieder — iemand die beroepshalve een advies, dienst of een product ter beschikking stelt