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  1. Indikator
    the indicator
    – A dial or light that displays information about the status of a device, such as a light connected to a disk drive that glows when the disk is being accessed. 1
  2. Indikator
    the indicator
    – A graphic that provides information about the state of an assignment, resource, or task. For example, a check mark indicator shows that a task is completed. 1
  3. Indikator (Scorecardindikator)
    the indicator; the scorecard indicator
    – A set of graphics, text, and colors for defining different levels of performance when comparing an actual value and a target value within a KPI. 1

Translation Matrix for Indikator:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
indicator Indikator; Scorecardindikator Blinker; Gradmesser
scorecard indicator Indikator; Scorecardindikator

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Wiktionary Translations for Indikator:

  1. Hilfsmittel, das die Verfolgung intransparenter Abläufe ermöglicht, indem es das Erreichen oder Verlassen bestimmter Zustände anzeigt
  1. pointer