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Detailed Translations for Netzwerk from German to English



  1. Netzwerk (Netz)
    the network
    – A group of computers or other devices, such as printers and scanners, that communicate either wirelessly or by using a physical connection, such as an Ethernet cable or a phone line. 1
  2. Netzwerk
    the network
    – A group of people someone communicates and shares with on Windows Live. Someone's network includes people they've added to their profile, to their Messenger contacts, or both. People in someone's network can see information about their latest activities in the what's new list, and may see other information, depending on permissions settings. 1
  3. Netzwerk (Soziales Netzwerk)
    the social
    – The webpage subheading for the view in Messenger that displays the social activity of friends. 1

Translation Matrix for Netzwerk:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
network Netz; Netzwerk Fangnetz; Fernsehkanal; Geflecht; Netz
social Netzwerk; Soziales Netzwerk
AdjectiveRelated TranslationsOther Translations
social gesellschaftlich; sozial

Synonyms for "Netzwerk":

Wiktionary Translations for Netzwerk:

  1. Informatik: mehrere zum Datenaustausch verbundene Rechner bzw. deren Verbindung
  2. (netzartige) Verbindung mehrerer Personen oder Objekte
  1. connected group
  2. multiple computers and other devices connected together
  3. interconnected group or system