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Attribut [das ~] noun

  1. Attribut
    the attribute
  2. Attribut
    the definition
  3. Attribut
    the attribute
    – An XML structural construct. A name-value pair, separated by an equals sign, included inside a tagged element that modifies certain features of the element. 1
  4. Attribut
    the attribute
    – In screen displays, an element of additional information stored with each character in the video buffer of a video adapter running in character mode. Such attributes control the background and foreground colors of the character, underlining, and blinking. 1
  5. Attribut
    the attribute
    – A characteristic of an object. 1
  6. Attribut
    the attribute
    – The name or structure of a field in a database entity. For example, the LASTNAME, FIRSTNAME, and PHONE are attributes of each record in a PhoneList entity. The size of a field and the type of information it contains are also attributes of a database record. 1
  7. Attribut
    the attribute
    – For files, information that indicates whether a file is read-only, hidden, ready for archiving (backing up), compressed, or encrypted, and whether the file contents should be indexed for fast file searching. 1
  8. Attribut
    the attribute
    – A single characteristic or additional piece of information (financial or non-financial) that exists in a database. 1
  9. Attribut
    the attribute
    – In markup languages such as SGML, HTML, and XML, a name-value pair within a tagged element that describes data or the formatting or properties of data associated with that element. 1
  10. Attribut
    the attribute
    – A descriptive declaration that can be applied to programming elements such as types, fields, methods, and properties. 1

Translation Matrix for Attribut:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
attribute Attribut Charaktereigenschaft; Charakteristik; Eigenschaft
definition Attribut Adverbiale; Begriffsbestimmung; Beschreibung; Bestimmtheit; Definition; Kennzeichnung; Umschreibung
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
attribute zurechnen; zuschreiben

Synonyms for "Attribut":

Wiktionary Translations for Attribut:

  1. gehoben: Charakteristik, auffällige Eigenschaft von etwas
  2. Linguistik, Sprachwissenschaft: (weglassbare) Beifügung in einem Satzglied
  1. grammar: word qualifying a noun
  2. computing: the applicable option selection

Cross Translation:
Attribut attributive attributief — wanneer het voor een zelfstandig naamwoord geplaatst wordt
Attribut symbol attribut — Ce qui est propre et particulier à un être, à quelqu’un ou à quelque chose.