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  1. Autorisierung:


Detailed Translations for Autorisierung from German to English



  1. Autorisierung
    the authorization
    – The process of granting a person, computer process, or device access to certain information, services or functionality. Authorization is derived from the identity of the person, computer process, or device requesting access, which is verified through authentication. 1
  2. Autorisierung
    the authorization
    – A workflow with activities that must be completed before the approval or validation request is committed to the database. 1

Translation Matrix for Autorisierung:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
authorization Autorisierung Autorisation; Bekräftigung; Bestätigung; Bevollmächtigung; Ermächtigung; Konsolidierung; Ratifizierung; Vollmacht

Synonyms for "Autorisierung":