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  1. Datenquelle:


Detailed Translations for Datenquelle from German to English



  1. Datenquelle
    the data source
    – In communications, the portion of a Data Terminal Equipment (DTE) device that sends data. 1
  2. Datenquelle
    the data source
    – A share, volume, database, storage group, or system state that is a member of a protection group. 1
  3. Datenquelle (Quelle)
    the source; the data source
    – A disk, file, document, or other collection of information from which data is taken or moved. 1

Translation Matrix for Datenquelle:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
data source Datenquelle; Quelle
source Datenquelle; Quelle Abstammung; Flußquelle; Herkunft; Quelle; Quellenanbieter; Ursprung