Detailed Translations for Profil from German to English


Profil [das ~] noun

  1. Profil (Schnitt; Durchmesser; Durchschnitt)
    the profile; the section
  2. Profil
    the profiles
  3. Profil
    the section
  4. Profil
    the profile
    – A computer-based record that contains software settings and identification information. 1
  5. Profil
    the profile
    – A group of settings that match content type and bit rate with appropriate audio and video codecs. 1
  6. Profil
    the profile
    – A set of characteristics that define any business-related item, such as a customer, a company, or a business process. Each profile is an individual instance of a profile definition. 1
  7. Profil
    the contour
    – The shape of how scheduled work for an assignment is distributed across time. Use a contour to control how Project schedules the work of a resource. 1
  8. Profil
    the profile
    – In Expression Encoder, a group of settings that adjust the quality of the encoded video. 1
  9. Profil (Windows Live-Profil)
    the profile; the Windows Live Profile
    – The descriptive information about a user that is shown to other users. This editable information is separate from the registration information they provide to establish their Windows Live account. This separation allows users to disclose or conceal personal information as they choose. 1

Profil verb

  1. Profil
    to profile
    – To analyze a program to determine how much time is spent in different parts of the program during execution. 1
    • profile verb (profiles, profiled, profiling)


  1. Profil
    the Profile
    – The link to the personal page where users can store information (such as personal interests) and links (such as to friends and photos). 1

Translation Matrix for Profil:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
Profile Profil
Windows Live Profile Profil; Windows Live-Profil
contour Profil Form; Kontur; Umriß
profile Durchmesser; Durchschnitt; Profil; Schnitt; Windows Live-Profil Beschreibung; Charakterisierung; Kennzeichnung; Schilderung; Umschreibung
profiles Profil
section Durchmesser; Durchschnitt; Profil; Schnitt Abschnitt; Abteilung; Anteil; Artikel; Aufsatz; Bestandteil; Brigade; Brocken; Bruchteil; Durchmesser; Durchschnitt; Element; Geschäftsstelle; Glied; Präsentationsabschnitt; Publikation; Rubrik; Segment; Sekte; Sektion; Stück; Stückchen; Teil; Teilchen; Truppe; schneidender Schmerz
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
profile Profil profilieren

Synonyms for "Profil":

Wiktionary Translations for Profil:

  1. Seitenansicht einer Gestalt
  1. architecture: narrow decorative surface
  2. The impression of the foot
  3. section formed by a plane cutting through an object
  4. grooves in tire
  5. bottom of a sneaker