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Detailed Translations for Symbol from German to English


Symbol [das ~] noun

  1. Symbol (Sinnbild)
    the symbol
  2. Symbol (Glyphe)
    the glyph
    – A graphical representation of either a character, a part of a character, or a sequence of characters. 1
  3. Symbol
    the icon
    – A small picture that represents a file, folder, program, or other object or function. 1
  4. Symbol
    the symbol
    – An identifier in human readable language that refers to a location in compiled code, such as a function or variable. Symbols are used in debugging. 1
  5. Symbol
    the symbol
    – A general term that encompasses many types of identifiers in programming languages, including namespaces, classes, functions, and variables. 1

Translation Matrix for Symbol:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
glyph Glyphe; Symbol
icon Symbol Heiligenbild; Ikone
symbol Sinnbild; Symbol

Synonyms for "Symbol":

Wiktionary Translations for Symbol:

  1. stellvertretende, vereinfachte Darstellung eines Objekts oder Sachverhalts
  2. EDV: kleines Bild auf der Benutzeroberfläche, das markiert werden kann, um zum Beispiel ein Programm zu starten
  1. exemplar
  2. carved relief representing a sound, word or idea
  3. character or glyph
  4. object meant to represent another
  5. something serving as an expression of something else
  6. mathematics: a symbol representing a variable

Cross Translation:
Symbol symbol attribut — Ce qui est propre et particulier à un être, à quelqu’un ou à quelque chose.
Symbol symbol symbolefigure ou image qui servir à désigner une chose le plus souvent abstraite, une idée ou un concept.