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  1. Windows Live-Konto:


Detailed Translations for Windows Live-Konto from German to English

Windows Live-Konto:

Windows Live-Konto

  1. Windows Live-Konto (Konto)
    the account; the Windows Live account
    – Private information that a customer provides to establish their Windows Live ID. This information is separate from the customer's (outward-facing) profile and is never shared without explicit consent. 1

Translation Matrix for Windows Live-Konto:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
Windows Live account Konto; Windows Live-Konto
account Konto; Windows Live-Konto Abrechnung; Aufsatz; Bericht; Faktur; Firma; Geschäftskunde; Gutachten; Konto; Kunde; Lesung; Rechenschaft; Rechnung; Referat; Verantwortung; Vorlesung; Vortrag

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