Detailed Translations for trotzdem from German to Swedish



  1. trotzdem (dessenungeachtet)

Translation Matrix for trotzdem:

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även då dessenungeachtet; trotzdem
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hur som helst allerdings; dennoch; dessenungeachtet; jedoch; trotz; trotzdem sowieso
icke dess mindre allerdings; dennoch; dessenungeachtet; jedoch; trotz; trotzdem
även om dennoch; trotzdem; zum Trotz

Synonyms for "trotzdem":

Wiktionary Translations for trotzdem:

Cross Translation:
trotzdem ändå; trots allt all the same — anyway; nevertheless; nonetheless
trotzdem men although — but
trotzdem i alla fall; ändå anyway — regardless
trotzdem hur som helst; ändå; i alla fall anyway — used to indicate that a statement explains or supports a previous statement
trotzdem men; fast but — although
trotzdem hur som helst in any case — at any rate
trotzdem trots det; icke dess mindre; ändå; icke desto mindre nevertheless — in spite of what preceded
trotzdem ändå; trots still — nevertheless