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Detailed Translations for urgency from English to German


urgency [the ~] noun

  1. the urgency (insistence)
    der Drang; der Andrang
  2. the urgency
    die Dringlichkeit

Translation Matrix for urgency:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
Andrang insistence; urgency bedlam; caprice; clamor; clamour; commotion; crowd; din; gathering; group; hubbub; hullabaloo; impulse; inflow; influx; noise; pandemonium; racket; stream; tumult; tumultuousness; uproar; whim
Drang insistence; urgency
Dringlichkeit urgency haste; hastiness; hurry; overhaste; quickness; rush
- importunity; urging

Synonyms for "urgency":

Related Definitions for "urgency":

  1. pressing importance requiring speedy action1
    • the urgency of his need1
  2. insistent solicitation and entreaty1
  3. an urgent situation calling for prompt action1
    • they departed hurriedly because of some great urgency in their affairs1
  4. the state of being urgent; an earnest and insistent necessity1

Wiktionary Translations for urgency:

  1. quality or condition of being urgent

Cross Translation:
urgency Dringlichkeit urgentie — de mate waarin iets dringend gewenst of nodig is
urgency dringend; Angelegenheit; Sache urgence — Caractère de ce qui est urgent.

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