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  1. anatomise:


Detailed Translations for anatomise from English to German


to anatomise verb, British

  1. to anatomise (analyse; dissect; anatomize; analyze)
    analysieren; zerlegen; zergliedern
    • analysieren verb (analysiere, analysierst, analysiert, analysierte, analysiertet, analysiert)
    • zerlegen verb (zerlege, zerlegst, zerlegt, zerlegte, zerlegtet, zerlegt)
    • zergliedern verb (zergliedere, zergliederst, zergliedert, zergliederte, zergliedertet, zergliedert)

Translation Matrix for anatomise:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
analysieren analysing; analysis; dissection
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
analysieren analyse; analyze; anatomise; anatomize; dissect dismantle; dissect; parse; pull down; take apart
zergliedern analyse; analyze; anatomise; anatomize; dissect dismantle; dissect; pull down; take apart
zerlegen analyse; analyze; anatomise; anatomize; dissect adjourn; break down; break up; collapse; crumble; cut to pieces; destruct; devastate; disintegrate; dismantle; dissect; eliminate; exhaust; fall apart; fall to bits; fall to pieces; lay waste; liquidate; pull down; rend; rip; ruin; sap; separate; sever; take apart; tear; wear out; work to death; wreck
- anatomize

Synonyms for "anatomise":

Related Definitions for "anatomise":

  1. dissect in order to analyze1