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  1. be corrupted:


Detailed Translations for be corrupted from English to German

be corrupted:

be corrupted verb

  1. be corrupted (degenerate)
    verzerren; entstellen; entarten
    • verzerren verb (verzerre, verzerrst, verzerrt, verzerrte, verzerrtet, verzerrt)
    • entstellen verb (entstelle, entstellst, entstellt, entstellte, entstelltet, entstellt)
    • entarten verb (entarte, entartest, entartet, entartete, entartetet, entartet)

Translation Matrix for be corrupted:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
entarten be corrupted; degenerate alter; backslide; change; come to; corrupt; create; debase; degenerate; deprave; end in; go to seed; interchange; invent; lead to; make; pervert; result in; run wild; switch; transform; turn out to be; vary
entstellen be corrupted; degenerate corrupt; cripple; debase; deprave; distort; maim; mutilate; pervert
verzerren be corrupted; degenerate change form; cripple; deform; disfigure; distort; maim; mutilate; transform; twist; warp

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