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Detailed Translations for breathe out from English to German

breathe out:

to breathe out verb (breathes out, breathed out, breathing out)

  1. to breathe out
    ausblasen; ausatmen
    • ausblasen verb (blase aus, blast aus, blaste aus, blastet aus, ausgeblast)
    • ausatmen verb (atme aus, atmest aus, atmet aus, atmete aus, atmetet aus, ausgeatmet)

Conjugations for breathe out:

  1. breathe out
  2. breathe out
  3. breathes out
  4. breathe out
  5. breathe out
  6. breathe out
simple past
  1. breathed out
  2. breathed out
  3. breathed out
  4. breathed out
  5. breathed out
  6. breathed out
present perfect
  1. have breathed out
  2. have breathed out
  3. has breathed out
  4. have breathed out
  5. have breathed out
  6. have breathed out
past continuous
  1. was breathing out
  2. were breathing out
  3. was breathing out
  4. were breathing out
  5. were breathing out
  6. were breathing out
  1. shall breathe out
  2. will breathe out
  3. will breathe out
  4. shall breathe out
  5. will breathe out
  6. will breathe out
continuous present
  1. am breathing out
  2. are breathing out
  3. is breathing out
  4. are breathing out
  5. are breathing out
  6. are breathing out
  1. be breathed out
  2. be breathed out
  3. be breathed out
  4. be breathed out
  5. be breathed out
  6. be breathed out
  1. breathe out!
  2. let's breathe out!
  3. breathed out
  4. breathing out
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for breathe out:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
ausatmen breathe out
ausblasen breathe out gush; spout; spurt
- exhale; expire

Synonyms for "breathe out":

Antonyms for "breathe out":

Related Definitions for "breathe out":

  1. expel air1

Wiktionary Translations for breathe out:

breathe out
  1. (intransitiv) die Atemluft ausstoßen
  2. (transitiv) etwas mit der Atemluft ausstoßen

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