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  1. bring it off:


Detailed Translations for bring it off from English to German

bring it off:

to bring it off verb (brings it off, brought it off, bringing it off)

  1. to bring it off (manage; carry it out)
    bewältigen; schaffen; zustande bringen
    • bewältigen verb (bewältige, bewältigst, bewältigt, bewältigte, bewältigtet, bewältigt)
    • schaffen verb (schaffe, schaffst, schafft, schuff, schufft, geschaffen)
    • zustande bringen verb (bringe zustande, bringst zustande, bringt zustande, brachte zustande, brachtet zustande, zustande gebracht)

Conjugations for bring it off:

  1. bring it off
  2. bring it off
  3. brings it off
  4. bring it off
  5. bring it off
  6. bring it off
simple past
  1. brought it off
  2. brought it off
  3. brought it off
  4. brought it off
  5. brought it off
  6. brought it off
present perfect
  1. have brought it off
  2. have brought it off
  3. has brought it off
  4. have brought it off
  5. have brought it off
  6. have brought it off
past continuous
  1. was bringing it off
  2. were bringing it off
  3. was bringing it off
  4. were bringing it off
  5. were bringing it off
  6. were bringing it off
  1. shall bring it off
  2. will bring it off
  3. will bring it off
  4. shall bring it off
  5. will bring it off
  6. will bring it off
continuous present
  1. am bringing it off
  2. are bringing it off
  3. is bringing it off
  4. are bringing it off
  5. are bringing it off
  6. are bringing it off
  1. be brought it off
  2. be brought it off
  3. be brought it off
  4. be brought it off
  5. be brought it off
  6. be brought it off
  1. bring it off!
  2. let's bring it off!
  3. brought it off
  4. bringing it off
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for bring it off:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
bewältigen bring it off; carry it out; manage
schaffen bring it off; carry it out; manage accomplish; act; bring about; bring forth; bring off; come up to the expectations; conceptualise; conceptualize; construct; cope; create; derive; design; dig up; distribute; do; draw; effect; exploit; fix; function; furnish; generate; hand out; invent; lift; make; manage; manufacture; prepare; produce; provide; pull off; ration; realise; realize; succeed; supply
zustande bringen bring it off; carry it out; manage bring about; effect; realise; realize; work

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