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  1. call names:


Detailed Translations for call names from English to German

call names:

to call names verb (calls names, called names, calling names)

  1. to call names (jeer at; abuse; taunt; scoff at)
    beschimpfen; ausschimpfen
    • beschimpfen verb (beschimpfe, beschimpfst, beschimpft, beschimpfte, beschimpftet, beschimpt)
    • ausschimpfen verb (schimpfe aus, schimpfst aus, schimpft aus, schimpfte aus, schimpftet aus, ausgeschimpft)
  2. to call names (taunt; jeer at; abuse)

Conjugations for call names:

  1. call names
  2. call names
  3. calls names
  4. call names
  5. call names
  6. call names
simple past
  1. called names
  2. called names
  3. called names
  4. called names
  5. called names
  6. called names
present perfect
  1. have called names
  2. have called names
  3. has called names
  4. have called names
  5. have called names
  6. have called names
past continuous
  1. was calling names
  2. were calling names
  3. was calling names
  4. were calling names
  5. were calling names
  6. were calling names
  1. shall call names
  2. will call names
  3. will call names
  4. shall call names
  5. will call names
  6. will call names
continuous present
  1. am calling names
  2. are calling names
  3. is calling names
  4. are calling names
  5. are calling names
  6. are calling names
  1. be called names
  2. be called names
  3. be called names
  4. be called names
  5. be called names
  6. be called names
  1. call names!
  2. let's call names!
  3. called names
  4. calling names
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for call names:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
ausschimpfen abuse; call names; jeer at; scoff at; taunt bawl; boo; call someone names; grumble; howl; roar
beschimpen abuse; call names; jeer at; taunt
beschimpfen abuse; call names; jeer at; scoff at; taunt bawl; call someone names; grumble; jeer; taunt

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