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  1. carry before it:


Detailed Translations for carry before it from English to German

carry before it:

to carry before it verb (carry before it, carried before it, carrying before it)

  1. to carry before it (drag along; pull along)
    mitschleppen; mitziehen; mitnehmen; mitlocken; schleppen
    • mitschleppen verb (schleppe mit, schleppst mit, schleppt mit, schleppte mit, schlepptet mit, mitgeschleppt)
    • mitziehen verb (ziehe mit, ziehst mit, zieht mit, zog mit, zogt mit, mitgezogen)
    • mitnehmen verb (nehme mit, nimmst mit, nimmt mit, namt mit, mitgenommen)
    • mitlocken verb (locke mit, lockst mit, lockt mit, lockte mit, locktet mit, mitgelockt)
    • schleppen verb (schleppe, schleppst, schleppt, schleppte, schlepptet, geschleppt)

Conjugations for carry before it:

  1. carry before it
  2. carry before it
  3. carry before it
  4. carry before it
  5. carry before it
  6. carry before it
simple past
  1. carried before it
  2. carried before it
  3. carried before it
  4. carried before it
  5. carried before it
  6. carried before it
present perfect
  1. have carried before it
  2. have carried before it
  3. has carried before it
  4. have carried before it
  5. have carried before it
  6. have carried before it
past continuous
  1. was carrying before it
  2. were carrying before it
  3. was carrying before it
  4. were carrying before it
  5. were carrying before it
  6. were carrying before it
  1. shall carry before it
  2. will carry before it
  3. will carry before it
  4. shall carry before it
  5. will carry before it
  6. will carry before it
continuous present
  1. am carrying before it
  2. are carrying before it
  3. is carrying before it
  4. are carrying before it
  5. are carrying before it
  6. are carrying before it
  1. be carried before it
  2. be carried before it
  3. be carried before it
  4. be carried before it
  5. be carried before it
  6. be carried before it
  1. carry before it!
  2. let's carry before it!
  3. carried before it
  4. carrying before it
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for carry before it:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
mitlocken carry before it; drag along; pull along allure; attract; entice; invite; lure; seduce; tempt
mitnehmen carry before it; drag along; pull along bring; bring along; carry
mitschleppen carry before it; drag along; pull along
mitziehen carry before it; drag along; pull along
schleppen carry before it; drag along; pull along bear; carry; carry along; drag; haul; lug away; plod; plod along; plod on; pull; pull along; schlep; shlep; toil; tow; trail

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