Detailed Translations for cast off from English to German

cast off:

to cast off verb (casts off, casted off, casting off)

  1. to cast off (shake off)
    • abschütteln verb (schüttele ab, schüttelst ab, schüttelt ab, schüttelte ab, schütteltet ab, abgeschüttelt)
  2. to cast off (shake off)
  3. to cast off
    • loswerfen verb (werfe los, wirfst, wirft, warf los, warft los, losgeworfen)
  4. to cast off (throw off)
    • abwerfen verb (werfe ab, wirfst ab, wirft ab, warf ab, warft ab, abgeworfen)

Conjugations for cast off:

  1. cast off
  2. cast off
  3. casts off
  4. cast off
  5. cast off
  6. cast off
simple past
  1. casted off
  2. casted off
  3. casted off
  4. casted off
  5. casted off
  6. casted off
present perfect
  1. have casted off
  2. have casted off
  3. has casted off
  4. have casted off
  5. have casted off
  6. have casted off
past continuous
  1. was casting off
  2. were casting off
  3. was casting off
  4. were casting off
  5. were casting off
  6. were casting off
  1. shall cast off
  2. will cast off
  3. will cast off
  4. shall cast off
  5. will cast off
  6. will cast off
continuous present
  1. am casting off
  2. are casting off
  3. is casting off
  4. are casting off
  5. are casting off
  6. are casting off
  1. be casted off
  2. be casted off
  3. be casted off
  4. be casted off
  5. be casted off
  6. be casted off
  1. cast off!
  2. let's cast off!
  3. casted off
  4. casting off
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for cast off:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
abschütteln cast off; shake off
abwerfen cast off; throw off bring in; cast; drop; drop off somewhere; produce; throw down; throw off
loswerfen cast off
sich entäußern von cast off; shake off
sich vom Halse schaffen cast off; shake off
- cast; drop; shake off; shed; throw; throw away; throw off

Synonyms for "cast off":

Antonyms for "cast off":

  • cast on

Related Definitions for "cast off":

  1. get rid of1
  2. make the last row of stitches when knitting1

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