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  1. close off:


Detailed Translations for close off from English to German

close off:

close off verb

  1. close off (bar; shut out)
    abschirmen; abriegeln; absperren
    • abschirmen verb (schirme ab, schirmst ab, schirmt ab, schirmte ab, schirmtet ab, abgeschirmt)
    • abriegeln verb (riegele ab, riegelst ab, riegelt ab, riegelte ab, riegeltet ab, abgeriegelt)
    • absperren verb (sperre ab, sperrst ab, sperrt ab, sperrte ab, sperrtet ab, abgesperrt)

Translation Matrix for close off:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
abriegeln bar; close off; shut out
abschirmen bar; close off; shut out armor; armour; blind; blur; clear; clear the table; conceal; cover; disguise; empty the table; equip with an alarm system; fence in; fence off; guard; hide; hush up; lock up; preserve; protect; safeguard; save; secure; shield
absperren bar; close off; shut out block; confine; cover; cut back; fence in; fence off; jam; limit; lock; lock up; obstruct; protect; reduce
- block off; shut off

Synonyms for "close off":

Related Definitions for "close off":

  1. block off the passage through1
  2. isolate or separate1
  3. stem the flow of1

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