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  1. come near:


Detailed Translations for come near from English to German

come near:

to come near verb (comes near, came near, coming near)

  1. to come near (come closer; approach)
    näher kommen; sich nähern; herankommen
    • sich nähern verb (nähere mich, näherst dich, nähert sich, näherte sich, nähertet euch, sich genähert)
    • herankommen verb (komme heran, kommst heran, kommt heran, kam heran, kamt heran, herangekommen)

Conjugations for come near:

  1. come near
  2. come near
  3. comes near
  4. come near
  5. come near
  6. come near
simple past
  1. came near
  2. came near
  3. came near
  4. came near
  5. came near
  6. came near
present perfect
  1. have come near
  2. have come near
  3. has come near
  4. have come near
  5. have come near
  6. have come near
past continuous
  1. was coming near
  2. were coming near
  3. was coming near
  4. were coming near
  5. were coming near
  6. were coming near
  1. shall come near
  2. will come near
  3. will come near
  4. shall come near
  5. will come near
  6. will come near
continuous present
  1. am coming near
  2. are coming near
  3. is coming near
  4. are coming near
  5. are coming near
  6. are coming near
  1. be come near
  2. be come near
  3. be come near
  4. be come near
  5. be come near
  6. be come near
  1. come near!
  2. let's come near!
  3. come near
  4. coming near
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for come near:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
herankommen approach; come closer; come near advance; approach
näher kommen approach; come closer; come near
sich nähern approach; come closer; come near
- approach; come on; draw close; draw near; go up; near

Synonyms for "come near":

Related Definitions for "come near":

  1. come near in time1
  2. move towards1
  3. almost do or experience something1

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