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Detailed Translations for cover up from English to German

cover up:

to cover up verb (covers up, covered up, covering up)

  1. to cover up (cover)
    beziehen; bedecken; bekleiden; verkleiden; verdecken; versehen
    • beziehen verb (beziehe, beziehst, bezieht, bezog, bezogt, bezogen)
    • bedecken verb (bedecke, bedeckst, bedeckt, bedeckte, bedecktet, bedeckt)
    • bekleiden verb (bekleide, bekleidest, bekleidet, bekleidete, bekleidetet, bekleidet)
    • verkleiden verb (verkleide, verkleidest, verkleidet, verkleidete, verkleidetet, verkleidet)
    • verdecken verb (verdecke, verdeckst, verdeckt, verdeckte, verdecktet, verdeckt)
    • versehen verb (versehe, versiehst, versieht, versah, versaht, versehen)

Conjugations for cover up:

  1. cover up
  2. cover up
  3. covers up
  4. cover up
  5. cover up
  6. cover up
simple past
  1. covered up
  2. covered up
  3. covered up
  4. covered up
  5. covered up
  6. covered up
present perfect
  1. have covered up
  2. have covered up
  3. has covered up
  4. have covered up
  5. have covered up
  6. have covered up
past continuous
  1. was covering up
  2. were covering up
  3. was covering up
  4. were covering up
  5. were covering up
  6. were covering up
  1. shall cover up
  2. will cover up
  3. will cover up
  4. shall cover up
  5. will cover up
  6. will cover up
continuous present
  1. am covering up
  2. are covering up
  3. is covering up
  4. are covering up
  5. are covering up
  6. are covering up
  1. be covered up
  2. be covered up
  3. be covered up
  4. be covered up
  5. be covered up
  6. be covered up
  1. cover up!
  2. let's cover up!
  3. covered up
  4. covering up
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for cover up:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
bedecken cover; cover up arch over; cover; roof in
bekleiden cover; cover up accomplish; clothe; cover; fulfil; fulfill; furnish; honor; honour; occupy a position; upholster; wainscot
beziehen cover; cover up become overcast; clothe; cloud over; connect; cover; darken; furnish; relate; stretch; tighten; upholster
verdecken cover; cover up cloak
verkleiden cover; cover up change; disguise; put other clothes on; wainscot
versehen cover; cover up accomplish; fulfil; fulfill; honor; honour; occupy a position
- cover
OtherRelated TranslationsOther Translations
bedecken coat
- cover; disguise

Synonyms for "cover up":

Related Definitions for "cover up":

  1. hide from view or knowledge1

Wiktionary Translations for cover up:

cover up
  1. (transitiv), übertragen: etwas verheimlichen, verbergen

Cross Translation:
cover up zudecken afdekken — iets over iets anders heen plaatsen

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