Detailed Translations for crookedness from English to German


crookedness [the ~] noun

  1. the crookedness (obliquity; obliqueness)
    die Schiefe; die Schiefheit
  2. the crookedness
    die Gemeinheit; die Schurkerei; die Hinterlistigkeit
  3. the crookedness (wryness)
    die Krümmung; die Krummheit
  4. the crookedness (nastiness)
    die Schweinerei; die Gemeinheit; die Schurkerei; der Gaunerstreich; die Hinterlistigkeit; der Schurkenstreich

Translation Matrix for crookedness:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
Gaunerstreich crookedness; nastiness dirty trick
Gemeinheit crookedness; nastiness dirty trick; malignity; venomousness; viciousness; virulence
Hinterlistigkeit crookedness; nastiness dirty trick
Krummheit crookedness; wryness
Krümmung crookedness; wryness bend; bending; bow; camber; cross-bow; crossbow; curvature; curve; curves; longbow; turn; twisting
Schiefe crookedness; obliqueness; obliquity
Schiefheit crookedness; obliqueness; obliquity
Schurkenstreich crookedness; nastiness dirty trick
Schurkerei crookedness; nastiness dirty trick
Schweinerei crookedness; nastiness caboodle; carelessness; dirt; dirty; dirty trick; dirtyness; filth; filthy; filthyness; inaccuracy; mayhem; mess; muck; obscenity; rubbish; sloppiness; slovenliness; smut; trash
- contortion; deviousness; torsion; tortuosity; tortuousness
OtherRelated TranslationsOther Translations
- dishonesty

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Antonyms for "crookedness":

  • straightness

Related Definitions for "crookedness":

  1. the quality of being deceitful and underhanded1
  2. having or distinguished by crooks or curves or bends or angles1
  3. a tortuous and twisted shape or position1


Translation Matrix for crooked:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
verwachsen become deformed; grow out of shape; grow together
AdjectiveRelated TranslationsOther Translations
- asymmetrical; corrupt; hunched; round-backed; round-shouldered; stooped; stooping
OtherRelated TranslationsOther Translations
- curved
ModifierRelated TranslationsOther Translations
gebogen bent; crooked; curved; warped arched; bent; bowed; concave; curved; domed; vaulted
gekrümmt bent; crooked; curved; warped arched; bent; domed; vaulted
schief crooked; leaning; lopsided; oblique; skew; slanting; sloping absolutely; askew; awfully; completely; false; fully; improper; inappropriate; indelicat; leaning; lopsided; oblique; out of place; outright; phoney; rude; slanting; sloping; steep; tactless; terribly; totally; uncalled for; unseemly; unsuitable; utter; utterly
schiefgewachsen crooked; grown crooked
verwachsen crooked; grown crooked deformated

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Related Definitions for "crooked":

  1. having the back and shoulders rounded; not erect1
  2. irregular in shape or outline1
    • a dress with a crooked hemline1
  3. having or marked by bends or angles; not straight or aligned1
    • crooked country roads1
    • crooked teeth1
  4. not straight; dishonest or immoral or evasive1

Wiktionary Translations for crooked:

  1. figurative: dishonest, illegal
  2. set at an angle
  3. having one or more bends or angles
  1. nicht gerade, sondern mit einer oder mehreren bogenförmigen Abweichungen