Detailed Translations for downfall from English to German


downfall [the ~] noun

  1. the downfall (drawback; disadvantage; ruin)
    der Untergang; der Fall; der Zusammenbruch
  2. the downfall (decline; decrease; fall; crash)
    die Abnahme; Fallen; der Rückgang; die Senkung; die Schrumpfung; Sinken
  3. the downfall (crashes)
    die Untergänge; die Zusammenbrüche

Translation Matrix for downfall:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
Abnahme crash; decline; decrease; downfall; fall acquiring; acquisition; buy; buying; decrease; deduct; diminishing; fall; lessening; obtaining; procurance; purchase; purchasing
Fall disadvantage; downfall; drawback; ruin bang; blast; boom; bump; bust-up; case; collapse; crash; destruction; issue; opinion; point of view; position; problem; problematical case; question; sagging; slump; smack; smash; standpoint; thud; thump; view
Fallen crash; decline; decrease; downfall; fall fall; landing; tumble
Rückgang crash; decline; decrease; downfall; fall abatement; atavism; caving in; collapse; collapsing; curtailment; cut; cut down expenses; decay; decline; decrease; deduct; deterioration; diminution; dwindling; economy; fall; falling down; falling off; finance management; foreshortening; market; putrefaction; recess; reduction; reductions; relapse; retrenchment; reversion; rotting; sagging; salary cut; saving; shortening; slackening
Schrumpfung crash; decline; decrease; downfall; fall cut; degradation; disgracement; dishonering; emotionale outburst; eruption; explosion; falling-out; outburst; pay cut; salary cut; shrinkage; shrivelling; withering
Senkung crash; decline; decrease; downfall; fall bulge; curtailment; cut; cut down expenses; decrease; degradation; diminution; dip; disgracement; dishonering; dwindling; economy; finance management; foreshortening; glen; inclination; letting down; lowness; market; pay cut; recess; reduction; retrenchment; sag; salary cut; saving; shortening; slackening; slope
Sinken crash; decline; decrease; downfall; fall collapsing; going down; plummeting; sliding; slumping
Untergang disadvantage; downfall; drawback; ruin abatement; decadence; decline
Untergänge crashes; downfall
Zusammenbruch disadvantage; downfall; drawback; ruin bust-up; calamity; catastrophe; caving in; collapse; collapsing; crash; decline; fall; falling down; relapse; sagging; slump; smash
Zusammenbrüche crashes; downfall catastrophes; disasters; submersions
- fall; precipitation; ruin; ruination

Related Words for "downfall":

  • downfalls, downfallen

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Related Definitions for "downfall":

  1. failure that results in a loss of position or reputation1
  2. a sudden decline in strength or number or importance1
  3. the falling to earth of any form of water (rain or snow or hail or sleet or mist)1

Wiktionary Translations for downfall:

  1. cause of such a fall; a critical blow or error
  2. precipitous decline in fortune; a rapid deterioration, as in status or wealth

Cross Translation:
downfall Fall; Abfall; Absturz; Sturz chute — Traductions à trier suivant le sens