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  1. drill severely:


Detailed Translations for drill severely from English to German

drill severely:

to drill severely verb (drills severely, drilled severely, drilling severely)

  1. to drill severely
    • schleifen verb (schleife, schleifst, schleift, schliff, schlifft, geschliffen)

Conjugations for drill severely:

  1. drill severely
  2. drill severely
  3. drills severely
  4. drill severely
  5. drill severely
  6. drill severely
simple past
  1. drilled severely
  2. drilled severely
  3. drilled severely
  4. drilled severely
  5. drilled severely
  6. drilled severely
present perfect
  1. have drilled severely
  2. have drilled severely
  3. has drilled severely
  4. have drilled severely
  5. have drilled severely
  6. have drilled severely
past continuous
  1. was drilling severely
  2. were drilling severely
  3. was drilling severely
  4. were drilling severely
  5. were drilling severely
  6. were drilling severely
  1. shall drill severely
  2. will drill severely
  3. will drill severely
  4. shall drill severely
  5. will drill severely
  6. will drill severely
continuous present
  1. am drilling severely
  2. are drilling severely
  3. is drilling severely
  4. are drilling severely
  5. are drilling severely
  6. are drilling severely
  1. be drilled severely
  2. be drilled severely
  3. be drilled severely
  4. be drilled severely
  5. be drilled severely
  6. be drilled severely
  1. drill severely!
  2. let's drill severely!
  3. drilled severely
  4. drilling severely
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for drill severely:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
schleifen drill severely brush up; buff; doll up; drag along with one; egalize; even; grind; grind away; have a shuffling gait; polish; polish off; rub smooth; sharpen; smooth; spruce up; strop; trick up; whet

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