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Detailed Translations for enjoin from English to German


enjoin verb

  1. enjoin (come together; join)
    zusammenkommen; treffen; begegnen; zusammentreffen; tagen; vereinigen
    • zusammenkommen verb (komme zusammen, kommst zusammen, kommt zusammen, kam zusammen, kamt zusammen, zusammengekommen)
    • treffen verb (treffe, triffst, trifft, traf, traft, getroffen)
    • begegnen verb (begegne, begegnest, begegnet, begegnete, begegnetet, begegnet)
    • zusammentreffen verb (treffe zusammen, triffst zusammen, trifft zusammen, traf zusammen, trafet zusammen, zusammengetroffen)
    • tagen verb (tage, tagst, tagt, tagte, tagtet, getagt)
    • vereinigen verb (vereinige, vereinigst, vereinigt, vereinigte, vereinigtet, vereinigt)

Translation Matrix for enjoin:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
begegnen come together; enjoin; join advance; approach; bang into; become acquainted; become acquainted with; bump into; come across; concede to; discover; find; get to know; handle; learn; make concessions to; make the acquaintance of; meet; run into; stumble across; treat
tagen come together; enjoin; join break; consider; dawn; deliberate; discuss; have a conference; have a meeting; hold session; meet; reflect; remind; send for; subpoena; summon; think it over; to meet in a conference
treffen come together; enjoin; join affect; bang into; be in luck; be lucky; bump into; concern; hit; hit someone; impress; influence; move; regard; run into; strike; strike someone; stumble across; touch
vereinigen come together; enjoin; join bridge; combine; connect; couple; join together; link; merge; unite
zusammenkommen come together; enjoin; join assemble; come together; gather; meet; see each other; to gather; visit
zusammentreffen come together; enjoin; join butt in; coincide; come between; converge; correspond; get together; intercede; interfere; interrupt; intervene; mediate; meet; meet each other; see each other; step in
- order; say; tell
OtherRelated TranslationsOther Translations
- order

Related Words for "enjoin":

  • enjoining

Synonyms for "enjoin":

Related Definitions for "enjoin":

  1. give instructions to or direct somebody to do something with authority1
  2. issue an injunction1

Wiktionary Translations for enjoin:

  1. (transitiv) jemandem Vorschriften machen; jemandem sagen, was er tun soll