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  1. felicitousness:


Detailed Translations for felicitousness from English to German


felicitousness [the ~] noun

  1. the felicitousness (appropriateness; suitability; aptness; relevance)
    die Relevanz; die Verwendbarkeit; die Schlagfertigkeit
  2. the felicitousness (aptness; strikingness)

Translation Matrix for felicitousness:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
Relevanz appropriateness; aptness; felicitousness; relevance; suitability relevance
Schlagfertigkeit appropriateness; aptness; felicitousness; relevance; strikingness; suitability acumen; acuteness; adeptness; cleverness; discernment; intelligence; keen perception; quick-wittedness; readiness for battle; sagacity; sharp-mindedness; sharpness; shrewdness; slyness
Verwendbarkeit appropriateness; aptness; felicitousness; relevance; suitability appropriateness; fittableness; relevance; use; usefulness; utility
- felicity

Synonyms for "felicitousness":

Antonyms for "felicitousness":

  • infelicity

Related Definitions for "felicitousness":

  1. pleasing and appropriate manner or style (especially manner or style of expression)1