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Detailed Translations for fizz from English to German


to fizz verb (fizzes, fizzed, fizzing)

  1. to fizz (effervesce; sparkle; bubble)
    perlen; prickeln; schäumen
    • perlen verb (perle, perlst, perlt, perlte, perltet, geperlt)
    • prickeln verb (prickele, prickelst, prickelt, prickelte, prickeltet, geprickelt)
    • schäumen verb (schäume, schäumst, schäumt, schäumte, schäumtet, geschäumt)

Conjugations for fizz:

  1. fizz
  2. fizz
  3. fizzes
  4. fizz
  5. fizz
  6. fizz
simple past
  1. fizzed
  2. fizzed
  3. fizzed
  4. fizzed
  5. fizzed
  6. fizzed
present perfect
  1. have fizzed
  2. have fizzed
  3. has fizzed
  4. have fizzed
  5. have fizzed
  6. have fizzed
past continuous
  1. was fizzing
  2. were fizzing
  3. was fizzing
  4. were fizzing
  5. were fizzing
  6. were fizzing
  1. shall fizz
  2. will fizz
  3. will fizz
  4. shall fizz
  5. will fizz
  6. will fizz
continuous present
  1. am fizzing
  2. are fizzing
  3. is fizzing
  4. are fizzing
  5. are fizzing
  6. are fizzing
  1. be fizzed
  2. be fizzed
  3. be fizzed
  4. be fizzed
  5. be fizzed
  6. be fizzed
  1. fizz!
  2. let's fizz!
  3. fizzed
  4. fizzing
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for fizz:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
perlen bubble; effervesce; fizz; sparkle
prickeln bubble; effervesce; fizz; sparkle anger; annoy; arouse; bead; bubble; cause irritation; chafe; excite; give offence; irritate; pearl; sparkle; stimulate; stir up; vex
schäumen bubble; effervesce; fizz; sparkle foam; foam with rage; froth; fume and fret; fume with rage
- effervesce; foam; form bubbles; froth; sparkle
ModifierRelated TranslationsOther Translations
perlen pearl

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Synonyms for "fizz":

Related Definitions for "fizz":

  1. an effervescent beverage (usually alcoholic)1
  2. become bubbly or frothy or foaming1

Wiktionary Translations for fizz:

  1. intransitiv, Hilfsverb haben: ein Geräusch machen wie Luft, die durch eine enge Öffnung strömen
  2. intransitiv, Hilfsverb sein: mit zischendem Geräusch strömen