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Detailed Translations for flay from English to German


to flay verb (flays, flayed, flaying)

  1. to flay (skin; poach; bone)
    enthäuten; abhäuten; abdecken; schinden
    • enthäuten verb (enthäute, enthäutest, enthäutet, enthäutete, enthäutetet, enthäutet)
    • abhäuten verb (häute ab, häutest ab, häutet ab, häutete ab, häutetet ab, abgehäutet)
    • abdecken verb (decke ab, deckst ab, deckt ab, deckte ab, decktet ab, abgedeckt)
    • schinden verb (schinde, schindst, schindt, schindte, schindtet, geschindet)

Conjugations for flay:

  1. flay
  2. flay
  3. flays
  4. flay
  5. flay
  6. flay
simple past
  1. flayed
  2. flayed
  3. flayed
  4. flayed
  5. flayed
  6. flayed
present perfect
  1. have flayed
  2. have flayed
  3. has flayed
  4. have flayed
  5. have flayed
  6. have flayed
past continuous
  1. was flaying
  2. were flaying
  3. was flaying
  4. were flaying
  5. were flaying
  6. were flaying
  1. shall flay
  2. will flay
  3. will flay
  4. shall flay
  5. will flay
  6. will flay
continuous present
  1. am flaying
  2. are flaying
  3. is flaying
  4. are flaying
  5. are flaying
  6. are flaying
  1. be flayed
  2. be flayed
  3. be flayed
  4. be flayed
  5. be flayed
  6. be flayed
  1. flay!
  2. let's flay!
  3. flayed
  4. flaying
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for flay:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
abdecken safeguarding
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
abdecken bone; flay; poach; skin armor; armour; blind; clean; clear; clear away; clear the table; cover; empty the table; fence in; fence off; lock up; protect; put away; tidy up
abhäuten bone; flay; poach; skin debark; fleece; graze; skin; strip
enthäuten bone; flay; poach; skin debark; fleece; graze; peel; rind; skin; strip
schinden bone; flay; poach; skin antagonise; antagonize; being hard on someone; bully; deal strictly with; harass; pester; provoke; tease

Related Words for "flay":

  • flaying, flayer

Synonyms for "flay":

Related Definitions for "flay":

  1. strip the skin off1

Wiktionary Translations for flay:

  1. to strip skin off
  1. (transitiv) einem toten Tier die Haut oder das Fell abziehen

Cross Translation:
flay peitschen fustigerfrapper à coups de verges.