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  1. fob off with:


Detailed Translations for fob off with from English to German

fob off with:

fob off with verb

  1. fob off with (not follow up)
    abschieben; abweisen
    • abschieben verb (schiebe ab, schiebst ab, schiebt ab, schob ab, schobt ab, abgeschoben)
    • abweisen verb (weise ab, weisest ab, weist ab, wies ab, wieset ab, abgewiesen)

Translation Matrix for fob off with:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
abschieben fob off with; not follow up banish; discharge; dismiss; drop; fire; lay off; pass the buck; push aside; push off; release; sack; shift onto
abweisen fob off with; not follow up decline; denounce; disapprove; discharge; disclaim; dismiss; drop; fire; ignore; lay off; object to; outvote; refuse; reject; release; repudiate; ricochet; sack; spurn; turn down; vote down

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