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  1. give in to:


Detailed Translations for give in to from English to German

give in to:

to give in to verb (gives in to, gave in to, giving in to)

  1. to give in to (submit; yield to)
    nachgeben; erliegen; weichen; zugeben; unterliegen
    • nachgeben verb (gebe nach, gibst nach, gibt nach, gab nach, gabt nach, nachgegeben)
    • erliegen verb (erliege, erliegst, erliegt, erlag, erlagt, erlegen)
    • weichen verb (weiche, weichst, weicht, weichte, weichtet, geweicht)
    • zugeben verb (gebe zu, gibst zu, gibt zu, gab zu, gabt zu, zugegeben)
    • unterliegen verb (unterliege, unterliegst, unterliegt, unterlag, unterlagt, unterlegen)

Conjugations for give in to:

  1. give in to
  2. give in to
  3. gives in to
  4. give in to
  5. give in to
  6. give in to
simple past
  1. gave in to
  2. gave in to
  3. gave in to
  4. gave in to
  5. gave in to
  6. gave in to
present perfect
  1. have given in to
  2. have given in to
  3. has given in to
  4. have given in to
  5. have given in to
  6. have given in to
past continuous
  1. was giving in to
  2. were giving in to
  3. was giving in to
  4. were giving in to
  5. were giving in to
  6. were giving in to
  1. shall give in to
  2. will give in to
  3. will give in to
  4. shall give in to
  5. will give in to
  6. will give in to
continuous present
  1. am giving in to
  2. are giving in to
  3. is giving in to
  4. are giving in to
  5. are giving in to
  6. are giving in to
  1. be given in to
  2. be given in to
  3. be given in to
  4. be given in to
  5. be given in to
  6. be given in to
  1. give in to!
  2. let's give in to!
  3. given in to
  4. giving in to
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for give in to:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
erliegen give in to; submit; yield to break down; collapse; die; expire; go to the dogs; have a breakdown; pass away
nachgeben give in to; submit; yield to admit; allow; authorise; authorize; concede; give one's fiat to; grant; hand to; permit; say for; submit to; tolerate
unterliegen give in to; submit; yield to be inferior; collapse; fall through; get lost; get the worst of; lay under; lose; taste defeat
weichen give in to; submit; yield to budge; lose ground; make way for; soak
zugeben give in to; submit; yield to accede; accept; add; add to; admit; admit the truth; agree; allow; append; give in; join; permit; surrender

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