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  1. hit over:


Detailed Translations for hit over from English to German

hit over:

hit over verb

  1. hit over (knock down; upend)
    umschlagen; umkippen
    • umschlagen verb (schlage um, schlägst um, sclägt um, schlug um, schugt um, umgeschlagen)
    • umkippen verb (kippe um, kippst um, kippt um, kippte um, kipptet um, umgekippt)

Translation Matrix for hit over:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
umkippen hit over; knock down; upend drop; fall; flip; floor; knock down; knock over; somersault; tip over; topple over; trip up; tumble; turn over; wrap around the body
umschlagen hit over; knock down; upend capsize; change suddenly; chop down; cut down; fall down; fell; flip; floor; knock down; overturn; page over; strike down; turn; turn over; wrap around the body

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