Detailed Translations for huddle up from English to German

huddle up:

to huddle up verb (huddles up, huddled up, huddling up)

  1. to huddle up (crouch; hunch up)
    tauchen; stürzen; eintauchen; einsinken; sichducken
    • tauchen verb (tauche, tauchst, taucht, tauchte, tauchtet, getaucht)
    • stürzen verb (stürze, stürzest, stürzt, stürzte, stürztet, gestürzt)
    • eintauchen verb (tauche ein, tauchst ein, taucht ein, tauchte ein, tauchtet ein, eingetaucht)
    • einsinken verb (sinke ein, sinkst ein, sinkt ein, sinkte ein, sinktet ein, eingesinkt)
    • sichducken verb
  2. to huddle up
    • durcheinanderwerfen verb (werfe durcheinander, wirfst durcheinander, wirft durcheinander, warf durcheinander, warft durcheinander, durcheinandergeworfen)

Conjugations for huddle up:

  1. huddle up
  2. huddle up
  3. huddles up
  4. huddle up
  5. huddle up
  6. huddle up
simple past
  1. huddled up
  2. huddled up
  3. huddled up
  4. huddled up
  5. huddled up
  6. huddled up
present perfect
  1. have huddled up
  2. have huddled up
  3. has huddled up
  4. have huddled up
  5. have huddled up
  6. have huddled up
past continuous
  1. was huddling up
  2. were huddling up
  3. was huddling up
  4. were huddling up
  5. were huddling up
  6. were huddling up
  1. shall huddle up
  2. will huddle up
  3. will huddle up
  4. shall huddle up
  5. will huddle up
  6. will huddle up
continuous present
  1. am huddling up
  2. are huddling up
  3. is huddling up
  4. are huddling up
  5. are huddling up
  6. are huddling up
  1. be huddled up
  2. be huddled up
  3. be huddled up
  4. be huddled up
  5. be huddled up
  6. be huddled up
  1. huddle up!
  2. let's huddle up!
  3. huddled up
  4. huddling up
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for huddle up:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
durcheinanderwerfen huddle up jumble together; mix up; throw into confusion; throw together
einsinken crouch; huddle up; hunch up be going down hill; bulge out; cave in; collapse; crash; crumble down; dive in; drop; fall; give way; go under; perish; plunge; prolapse; relapse; sag; set; sink; slump; submerge; subside; succumb; suffer; topple down; tumble
eintauchen crouch; huddle up; hunch up dip; dip in; dive; dive in; dive into the water; duck; go into hiding; immerse; plunge; plunge in; push under
sichducken crouch; huddle up; hunch up
stürzen crouch; huddle up; hunch up be a failure; be overthrown; deposit; fall; fall away; get a move on; hasten; hurry; plummet; plunge; pour; race; remit; run; rush; slump; somersault; sprinkle; sprint; take a nosedive; take a plunge; throw down; thunder; tumble; tumble down
tauchen crouch; huddle up; hunch up bring to the surface; dip; dive; dive for; duck; immerse; plunge; push under

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