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  1. hunch up:


Detailed Translations for hunch up from English to German

hunch up:

hunch up verb

  1. hunch up (crouch; huddle up)
    tauchen; stürzen; eintauchen; einsinken; sichducken
    • tauchen verb (tauche, tauchst, taucht, tauchte, tauchtet, getaucht)
    • stürzen verb (stürze, stürzest, stürzt, stürzte, stürztet, gestürzt)
    • eintauchen verb (tauche ein, tauchst ein, taucht ein, tauchte ein, tauchtet ein, eingetaucht)
    • einsinken verb (sinke ein, sinkst ein, sinkt ein, sinkte ein, sinktet ein, eingesinkt)
    • sichducken verb

Translation Matrix for hunch up:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
einsinken crouch; huddle up; hunch up be going down hill; bulge out; cave in; collapse; crash; crumble down; dive in; drop; fall; give way; go under; perish; plunge; prolapse; relapse; sag; set; sink; slump; submerge; subside; succumb; suffer; topple down; tumble
eintauchen crouch; huddle up; hunch up dip; dip in; dive; dive in; dive into the water; duck; go into hiding; immerse; plunge; plunge in; push under
sichducken crouch; huddle up; hunch up
stürzen crouch; huddle up; hunch up be a failure; be overthrown; deposit; fall; fall away; get a move on; hasten; hurry; plummet; plunge; pour; race; remit; run; rush; slump; somersault; sprinkle; sprint; take a nosedive; take a plunge; throw down; thunder; tumble; tumble down
tauchen crouch; huddle up; hunch up bring to the surface; dip; dive; dive for; duck; immerse; plunge; push under

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