Detailed Translations for imitator from English to German


imitator [the ~] noun

  1. the imitator (disciple; follower; shadower; pupil)
    der Anhänger; der Nachfolger; der Geselle; der Verfolger; der Jünger
  2. the imitator (forger; copycat; follower)
    der Fälscher; der Nachahmer; der Verfälscher
  3. the imitator (follower)
    der Imitator; der Nachfolger

Translation Matrix for imitator:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
Anhänger disciple; follower; imitator; pupil; shadower advocate; disciple; disciples; fan; fans; follower; followers; four wheel trailer; labels; partisans; party men; price tags; rooter; second carriage; second carriages; small trailer; stickers; supporter; supporters; tags; trailer; trailer wagon; trailers
Fälscher copycat; follower; forger; imitator counterfeiter; forger
Geselle disciple; follower; imitator; pupil; shadower assistant; bloke; butler; bystander; chamber servant; chap; chum; clerk; companion; cove; fellow; female partner; footman; friend; gent; helper; lackey; man; mate; mister; pal; pallbearer; partner; second servant; servant; type; valet
Imitator follower; imitator
Jünger disciple; follower; imitator; pupil; shadower disciple; disciples; follower; followers
Nachahmer copycat; follower; forger; imitator
Nachfolger disciple; follower; imitator; pupil; shadower descendant; successor
Verfolger disciple; follower; imitator; pupil; shadower pursuer
Verfälscher copycat; follower; forger; imitator
- ape; aper; copycat; emulator; impersonator

Related Words for "imitator":

  • imitators

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Related Definitions for "imitator":

  1. someone who copies the words or behavior of another1
  2. someone who (fraudulently) assumes the appearance of another1

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Cross Translation:
imitator Nachahmer imitateur — personne qui imite