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Detailed Translations for in front of from English to German

in front of:

in front of adj

  1. in front of (before)
    davor; dazu

Translation Matrix for in front of:

ModifierRelated TranslationsOther Translations
davor before; in front of back; before; earlier; for that; foremost; formerly; in bygone days; in former times; in front; lead the way; leading; previously; since
dazu before; in front of at; for that; in; let that pass; let's forget; on; that's all right so far; to; up; upon

Wiktionary Translations for in front of:

in front of
  1. located before (something else)
    • in front ofvor
  2. -
    • in front ofvor
  3. in the presence of someone
    • in front ofvor
  4. at or near the front part of
    • in front ofvor

Cross Translation:
in front of vor voor — dichterbij dan
in front of vor; davor; vorweg; im voraus; vorn devant — En avant de
in front of vor devant — En présence de

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