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  1. inquire about:


Detailed Translations for inquire about from English to German

inquire about:

inquire about verb

  1. inquire about (make inquiries about)
    informieren; nachfragen; sich nach erkundigen; fragen
    • informieren verb (informiere, informierst, informiert, informierte, informiertet, informiert)
    • nachfragen verb (frage nach, fragst nach, fragt nach, fragte nach, fragtet nach, nachgefragt)
    • fragen verb (frage, fragst, fragt, fragte, fragtet, gefragt)

Translation Matrix for inquire about:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
fragen inquire about; make inquiries about apply for; ask; ask for; ask oneself; demand; file a petition; petition; query; request; wonder
informieren inquire about; make inquiries about ask; call attention to; draw attention to; indicate; inform; inquire; instil; instill; list; make known; mention; notify; point; point out; report; send word; show; signal; tell
nachfragen inquire about; make inquiries about ask; inquire
sich nach erkundigen inquire about; make inquiries about

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