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Detailed Translations for jubilate from English to German


to jubilate verb (jubilates, jubilated, jubilating)

  1. to jubilate (exult; shout)
    jauchzen; schreien; toben; jubeln; johlen; herausschreien; lautauf schreien
    • jauchzen verb (jauchze, jauchzt, jauchzte, jauchztet, gejauchzt)
    • schreien verb (schreie, schreist, schreit, schrie, schriet, geschrien)
    • toben verb (tobe, tobst, tobt, tobte, tobtet, getobt)
    • jubeln verb (juble, jubelst, jubelt, jubelte, jubeltet, gejubelt)
    • johlen verb (johle, johlst, johlt, johlte, johltet, gejohlt)
    • herausschreien verb (schreie heraus, schreist heraus, schreit heraus, schrie heraus, schriet heraus, herausgeschrieen)
    • lautauf schreien verb (schreie lautauf, schreist lautauf, schreit lautauf, schrie lautauf, schriet lautauf, lautauf geschrieen)
  2. to jubilate (celebrate one's jubilee)
    • jubilieren verb (jubiliere, jubilierst, jubiliert, jubilierte, jubiliertet, jubiliert)

Conjugations for jubilate:

  1. jubilate
  2. jubilate
  3. jubilates
  4. jubilate
  5. jubilate
  6. jubilate
simple past
  1. jubilated
  2. jubilated
  3. jubilated
  4. jubilated
  5. jubilated
  6. jubilated
present perfect
  1. have jubilated
  2. have jubilated
  3. has jubilated
  4. have jubilated
  5. have jubilated
  6. have jubilated
past continuous
  1. was jubilating
  2. were jubilating
  3. was jubilating
  4. were jubilating
  5. were jubilating
  6. were jubilating
  1. shall jubilate
  2. will jubilate
  3. will jubilate
  4. shall jubilate
  5. will jubilate
  6. will jubilate
continuous present
  1. am jubilating
  2. are jubilating
  3. is jubilating
  4. are jubilating
  5. are jubilating
  6. are jubilating
  1. be jubilated
  2. be jubilated
  3. be jubilated
  4. be jubilated
  5. be jubilated
  6. be jubilated
  1. jubilate!
  2. let's jubilate!
  3. jubilated
  4. jubilating
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for jubilate:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
herausschreien exult; jubilate; shout bellow; boo; cry out; gasp; howl; roar; scream; screech; shout; shout out loud; shriek; sob; squeal; whine; yell
jauchzen exult; jubilate; shout boo; howl; roar; whine; yell
johlen exult; jubilate; shout bellow; boo; cry out; howl; roar; scream; shout; shriek; whine; yell
jubeln exult; jubilate; shout acclaim; applaud; boo; cheer; encourage; howl; hurray; roar; whine; yell
jubilieren celebrate one's jubilee; jubilate experience an anniversary
lautauf schreien exult; jubilate; shout boo; call; howl; roar; whine; yell
schreien exult; jubilate; shout bellow; boo; call; cry; cry out; gasp; groan; howl; moan; roar; scream; screech; shout; shriek; sob; squawk; weep; whine; yell
toben exult; jubilate; shout bawl; be furious; bellow; boo; cry out; frolic; horse around; howl; let oneself go; let someone have it; make noise; play; play roughly; rage; rant; rant & rage; rave; roar; romp; romp around; run around wildly; scream; shout; shriek; storm; talk smut; thunder; use obscene language; whine; yell
- exuberate; exult; rejoice; triumph

Synonyms for "jubilate":

Related Definitions for "jubilate":

  1. to express great joy1
  2. celebrate a jubilee1

Wiktionary Translations for jubilate:

Cross Translation:
jubilate jubeln jubelen — juichen