Detailed Translations for knock off from English to German

knock off:

to knock off verb (knocks off, knocked off, knocking off)

  1. to knock off (push off; shove off)
    hinunterstoßen; herabstoßen; hinabstossen; hinunterstossen; herunterstoßen; herunterstossen
  2. to knock off (push off; hit off)
    hinunterstossen; hinabstossen; hinunterstoßen

Conjugations for knock off:

  1. knock off
  2. knock off
  3. knocks off
  4. knock off
  5. knock off
  6. knock off
simple past
  1. knocked off
  2. knocked off
  3. knocked off
  4. knocked off
  5. knocked off
  6. knocked off
present perfect
  1. have knocked off
  2. have knocked off
  3. has knocked off
  4. have knocked off
  5. have knocked off
  6. have knocked off
past continuous
  1. was knocking off
  2. were knocking off
  3. was knocking off
  4. were knocking off
  5. were knocking off
  6. were knocking off
  1. shall knock off
  2. will knock off
  3. will knock off
  4. shall knock off
  5. will knock off
  6. will knock off
continuous present
  1. am knocking off
  2. are knocking off
  3. is knocking off
  4. are knocking off
  5. are knocking off
  6. are knocking off
  1. be knocked off
  2. be knocked off
  3. be knocked off
  4. be knocked off
  5. be knocked off
  6. be knocked off
  1. knock off!
  2. let's knock off!
  3. knocked off
  4. knocking off
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

knock off [the ~] noun

  1. the knock off (stopping; cease; quitting)
    Aufhören; Ausscheiden

Translation Matrix for knock off:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
Aufhören cease; knock off; quitting; stopping
Ausscheiden cease; knock off; quitting; stopping resigning; retiring
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
herabstoßen knock off; push off; shove off
herunterstossen knock off; push off; shove off push off
herunterstoßen knock off; push off; shove off
hinabstossen hit off; knock off; push off; shove off kick off
hinunterstossen hit off; knock off; push off; shove off knock over; push down; push over; throw off; upset
hinunterstoßen hit off; knock off; push off; shove off
- cop; dash off; do in; drop; fling off; glom; hook; liquidate; neutralise; neutralize; scratch off; shave; snitch; thieve; toss off; waste

Synonyms for "knock off":

Related Definitions for "knock off":

  1. stop pursuing or acting1
  2. get rid of (someone who may be a threat) by killing1
  3. write quickly1
  4. take by theft1
  5. cut the price of1

Wiktionary Translations for knock off:

knock off
  1. etwas mit Gewalt abtrennen

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