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Detailed Translations for monkey from English to German


monkey [the ~] noun

  1. the monkey (ape)
    der Affe

to monkey verb (monkeys, monkeyed, monkeying)

  1. to monkey (muddle; fiddle; muck; fumble; mess about)
    sudeln; pfuschen
    • sudeln verb (sudele, sudelst, sudelt, sudelte, sudeltet, gesudelt)
    • pfuschen verb (pfusche, pfuschst, pfuscht, pfuschte, pfuschtet, gepfuscht)

Conjugations for monkey:

  1. monkey
  2. monkey
  3. monkeys
  4. monkey
  5. monkey
  6. monkey
simple past
  1. monkeyed
  2. monkeyed
  3. monkeyed
  4. monkeyed
  5. monkeyed
  6. monkeyed
present perfect
  1. have monkeyed
  2. have monkeyed
  3. has monkeyed
  4. have monkeyed
  5. have monkeyed
  6. have monkeyed
past continuous
  1. was monkeying
  2. were monkeying
  3. was monkeying
  4. were monkeying
  5. were monkeying
  6. were monkeying
  1. shall monkey
  2. will monkey
  3. will monkey
  4. shall monkey
  5. will monkey
  6. will monkey
continuous present
  1. am monkeying
  2. are monkeying
  3. is monkeying
  4. are monkeying
  5. are monkeying
  6. are monkeying
  1. be monkeyed
  2. be monkeyed
  3. be monkeyed
  4. be monkeyed
  5. be monkeyed
  6. be monkeyed
  1. monkey!
  2. let's monkey!
  3. monkeyed
  4. monkeying
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for monkey:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
Affe ape; monkey
- imp; rapscallion; rascal; scalawag; scallywag; scamp
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
pfuschen fiddle; fumble; mess about; monkey; muck; muddle botch; bungle; mess; mess about; muck up; muddle; muddle on; tinker
sudeln fiddle; fumble; mess about; monkey; muck; muddle dirty; foul; make dirty; potter; soil; trifle
- fiddle; mess around; monkey around; muck about; muck around; potter; putter; tamper; tinker
OtherRelated TranslationsOther Translations
- clown

Related Words for "monkey":

  • monkeying, monkeys

Synonyms for "monkey":

Related Definitions for "monkey":

  1. any of various long-tailed primates (excluding the prosimians)1
  2. one who is playfully mischievous1
  3. do random, unplanned work or activities or spend time idly1
  4. play around with or alter or falsify, usually secretively or dishonestly1

Wiktionary Translations for monkey:

  1. primate
  1. (transitiv) jemanden oder etwas in übertriebener Weise nachahmen
  1. Zoologie, standardsprachlich: Säugetier aus der Unterordnung Anthropoidea in der Ordnung der Primaten

Cross Translation:
monkey Affe aap — het meest met de mens verwante vierhandige zoogdier uit de orde der primaten
monkey Affe singe — zoologie|fr (term, Classiquement) mammifère de l’ordre des Primates, hors l’homme.

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