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Detailed Translations for over there from English to German

over there:

over there adj

  1. over there (that way; there)
  2. over there

Translation Matrix for over there:

ModifierRelated TranslationsOther Translations
angesichts over there as; given that; since
da over there after all; anyhow; as; at that place; at that time; because; because of; given that; ibid.; in that case; in the same place; in those days; just like; like; since; then; there
dahin over there; that way; there
dahinaus over there; that way; there
daran over there as a consequence of; as a result of; due to; on it; on that; owing to
dort over there at that place; ibid.; in the same place; there
dorthin over there; that way; there there
drüben over there on that side; on the other side

Wiktionary Translations for over there:

over there
  1. in that place

Cross Translation:
over there da — Endroit autre que celui où l’on est
over there hin- par là — Par ce lieu-là, par ce point-là. — usage Cette locution s’emploie en parlant d’un lieu où l’on n’est pas.
over there da; dort; daselbst; drüben; da drüben y — À cet endroit

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