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Translation Matrix for peaked:

AdjectiveRelated TranslationsOther Translations
- ailing; indisposed; poorly; seedy; sickly; under the weather; unwell
OtherRelated TranslationsOther Translations
- pointed

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Related Definitions for "peaked":

  1. having or rising to a peak1
    • the peaked ceiling1
    • the island's peaked hills1
  2. somewhat ill or prone to illness1
    • you look a little peaked1


peak [the ~] noun

  1. the peak (summit; mountain top; pinnacle; top)
    die Spitze; der Berggipfel; der Gipfel
  2. the peak (climax; zenith; pinnacle; summit)
    der Höhepunkt; die Spitze
  3. the peak (climax; highest point; culmination; )
    der Höhepunkt; der Klimax; der Orgasmus
  4. the peak (apex; tip; top; )
    die Spitze; der Gipfel; Höchsterreichbare
  5. the peak (spike; top)
    die Spitze; der Gipfel
  6. the peak (crest; crown; top)
    der Gipfel; der Gipfelpunkt
  7. the peak (tor)
    die Felsenspitze
  8. the peak (point; tip)
    – a V shape 1
    die Spitze

Translation Matrix for peak:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
Berggipfel crest; mountain top; peak; pinnacle; summit; top apex; crest; summit; tip; vertex
Felsenspitze peak; tor
Gipfel apex; crest; crown; mountain top; peak; pinnacle; spike; summit; tip; top; vertex apex; climax; crest; culminating point; culmination; frame work; height of the summit; hilltop; mountain heighth; summit; summit conference; summit meeting; summit talks; summmit; tip; top; vertex
Gipfelpunkt crest; crown; peak; top apex; crest; culmination point; hilltop; summit; tip; vertex
Höchsterreichbare apex; crest; mountain top; peak; pinnacle; summit; tip; top; vertex
Höhepunkt climax; culmination; highest point; peak; pinnacle; result; summit; termination; top; zenith climax; culmination; orgasm; summmit; tallest ladder
Klimax climax; culmination; highest point; peak; pinnacle; result; summit; termination; top; zenith
Orgasmus climax; culmination; highest point; peak; pinnacle; result; summit; termination; top; zenith climax; orgasm
Spitze apex; climax; crest; mountain top; peak; pinnacle; point; spike; summit; tip; top; vertex; zenith apex; at first; climax; command; culminating point; culmination; edging; face; first place; frills; fringe; front position; frontage; lace; lace cloth; lace-making; lacework; lead; leading; marram panicle; passementerie; process; projecting part; projection; protrusion; protuberance; ravel; spire; summit; summmit; taking the lead; tonsure; top; trimming; trimmings; upper edge; upper side
- acme; apex; bill; bloom; blossom; crest; crown; efflorescence; extremum; eyeshade; flower; flush; heyday; prime; summit; tip; top; vertex; visor; vizor
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
- top out
ModifierRelated TranslationsOther Translations
bedeutendste highest; peak; uppermost
hervorragendste highest; peak; uppermost
höchst highest; peak; uppermost exceedingly; exceptional; exceptionally; extraordinarily; extraordinary; extremely; topmost; ultimate; upper most; wondrous
höchste highest; peak; uppermost biggest; for the greater part; most; supreme; top; topmost; upper; uppermost
oberste highest; peak; uppermost exemplary; first-class; first-rate; perfect; supreme; top; top-class; topmost; tops; upper; upper most; uppermost
vornehmste highest; peak; uppermost
äußerst highest; peak; uppermost exceedingly; exceptional; exceptionally; excessive; extraordinarily; extraordinary; extreme; extremely; highest; ultra; uppermost; wondrous

Related Words for "peak":

  • peaked, peaks

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Antonyms for "peak":

  • off-peak

Related Definitions for "peak":

  1. a brim that projects to the front to shade the eyes1
  2. the top or extreme point of something (usually a mountain or hill)1
    • the view from the peak was magnificent1
  3. the highest point (of something)1
    • at the peak of the pyramid1
  4. the most extreme possible amount or value1
    • voltage peak1
  5. a V shape1
  6. the period of greatest prosperity or productivity1
  7. to reach the highest point; attain maximum intensity, activity1
    • That wild, speculative spirit peaked in 19291

Wiktionary Translations for peak:

  1. mountain top
  2. point where a function attains a maximum
  1. meist in Wendung „in etwas gipfeln“: den höchsten Stand erreichen
  1. der oberste Punkt eines Berges
  2. der oberste, schmal zulaufende Teil eines Gegenstandes oder einer Formation
  3. der hoch Punkt eines Berges
  4. übertragen: Höhepunkt
  5. Linguistik: der Teil der Silbe, der aus einem Vokal, Diphthong oder Sonant besteht und der in einer Silbe immer vorhanden sein muss
  6. Berggipfel, Bergspitze (in aus anderen Sprachen entlehnen Toponymen)
  7. die höchste Stelle eines Berges oder eines Gebirgszuges

Cross Translation:
peak Ende; Kulm; Spitze; Stift; Zacke; Zinke; Zipfel boutpartie extrême d’une chose.
peak Kulm; Spitze; Stift; Zacke; Zinke; Zipfel cime — La partie la plus haute d’une montagne, d’un rocher, d’un arbre, etc.
peak Specht; Spitzhacke; Bergspitze pic — ornithol|nocat oiseau grimpeur se nourrissant de larves qu’il va chercher dans l’écorce en la frapper par des coups de bec répétés et creusant son nid dans un tronc d'arbre.
peak Kulm; Spitze; Stift; Zacke; Zinke; Zipfel pointeextrémité piquante et aiguë de quelque chose que ce être.
peak Spitze sommet — Définition 2, le plus haut degré :

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