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Detailed Translations for pinch off from English to German

pinch off:

to pinch off verb (pinches off, pinched off, pinching off)

  1. to pinch off
    • abklemmen verb (klemme ab, klemmst ab, klemmt ab, klemmte ab, klemmtet ab, abgeklemmt)
  2. to pinch off
    abklemmen; abknipsen
    • abklemmen verb (klemme ab, klemmst ab, klemmt ab, klemmte ab, klemmtet ab, abgeklemmt)
    • abknipsen verb (knipse ab, knipst ab, knipste ab, knipstet ab, abgeknipst)

Conjugations for pinch off:

  1. pinch off
  2. pinch off
  3. pinches off
  4. pinch off
  5. pinch off
  6. pinch off
simple past
  1. pinched off
  2. pinched off
  3. pinched off
  4. pinched off
  5. pinched off
  6. pinched off
present perfect
  1. have pinched off
  2. have pinched off
  3. has pinched off
  4. have pinched off
  5. have pinched off
  6. have pinched off
past continuous
  1. was pinching off
  2. were pinching off
  3. was pinching off
  4. were pinching off
  5. were pinching off
  6. were pinching off
  1. shall pinch off
  2. will pinch off
  3. will pinch off
  4. shall pinch off
  5. will pinch off
  6. will pinch off
continuous present
  1. am pinching off
  2. are pinching off
  3. is pinching off
  4. are pinching off
  5. are pinching off
  6. are pinching off
  1. be pinched off
  2. be pinched off
  3. be pinched off
  4. be pinched off
  5. be pinched off
  6. be pinched off
  1. pinch off!
  2. let's pinch off!
  3. pinched off
  4. pinching off
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for pinch off:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
abklemmen pinch off
abknipsen pinch off

Wiktionary Translations for pinch off:

pinch off
  1. etwas durch eine Klemme abtrennen

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