Detailed Translations for potential from English to German


potential adj

  1. potential (latent)

potential [the ~] noun

  1. the potential (capacity)
    die Kapazität; Potential; die Fähigkeit; Vermögen; Leistungsvermögen; die Leistung; die Leistungsfähigkeit; die Energie

Translation Matrix for potential:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
Energie capacity; potential ability; activity; capacity; chances; current; drive; efficacy; electric current; energy; function; functionality; gin; gusto; impetus; jenever; momentum; opportunities; power; soul; spirit; spunk; strength; thoroughness; vigor; vigour; will-power; zest
Fähigkeit capacity; potential ability; aptitude; beauty; capability; capacity; comeliness; gift; good looks; handsomeness; ingenuity; natural ability; neatness; power; quality; resilience; skill; stamina; talent
Kapazität capacity; potential Capacity; ability; aptitude; authorities; capability; capacity; establishment; gift; horse-power; ingenuity; natural ability; power; quality; talent
Leistung capacity; potential ability; achievement; action; aptitude; capacity; compensation; feat; gift; heroic deed; hobby; ingenuity; labour performance; natural ability; pastime; pay-off; payment; performance; power; stunt; talent; tour de force
Leistungsfähigkeit capacity; potential ability; ability to achieve; activity; aptitude; capability; capacity; capacity for work; drive; energy; function; functionality; gift; gin; impetus; ingenuity; jenever; momentum; natural ability; physical disposition; power; productivity; quality; soul; spirit; spunk; strength; talent; thoroughness; validity; work force
Leistungsvermögen capacity; potential ability; ability to achieve; aptitude; capacity; carrying capacity; gift; ingenuity; loading capacity; natural ability; power; talent
Potential capacity; potential ability; aptitude; capacity; gift; ingenuity; natural ability; talent
Vermögen capacity; potential ability; capability; capacity; capacity for work; capital; capital sum; energy; finances; financial means; fortune; intensity; large sum of money; luck; means; power; productivity; quality; strength; vigor; vigour; wealth; windfall; work force
- electric potential; potency; potential difference; potential drop; potentiality; voltage
AdjectiveRelated TranslationsOther Translations
- likely; possible
ModifierRelated TranslationsOther Translations
latent latent; potential
potentiell latent; potential

Related Words for "potential":

  • potentials, potentially

Synonyms for "potential":

Antonyms for "potential":

Related Definitions for "potential":

  1. existing in possibility1
    • a potential problem1
  2. expected to become or be; in prospect1
    • potential clients1
  3. the difference in electrical charge between two points in a circuit expressed in volts1
  4. the inherent capacity for coming into being1

Wiktionary Translations for potential:

  1. currently unrealized ability
  2. energy of a unit electrical charge
  1. existing in possibility
  1. nach Möglichkeit
  1. wahrscheinlich, aber nicht gesichert, denkbar
  1. Entwicklungsmöglichkeit, Gesamtheit der noch nicht ausgeschöpften Möglichkeiten, Mittel, Energie, Fähigkeit

Cross Translation:
potential etwaig; eventuell; allfällig éventuel — Qui est subordonné à quelque événement incertain.

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