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Detailed Translations for profession from English to German


profession [the ~] noun

  1. the profession (work; occupation; employment; job)
    Fach; die Arbeit; der Beruf
  2. the profession
    der Beruf; der Job
  3. the profession (craft; metier; métier)
    Gewerbe; Handwerk; die Wirtschaft; der Kaufhandel; der Handel; der Erwerb; der Beruf; die Branche
  4. the profession (métier; trade; craft)
    Fach; der Beruf; die Branche; Metier

Translation Matrix for profession:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
Arbeit employment; job; occupation; profession; work action; activity; barms; bustle; chore; diligence; duties; feat of strength; fermentation; hobby; industry; job; labor; labour; labour of Hercules; lecture; paper; pastime; project; task; wagework; work; working; workpiece; yeasts; zeal
Beruf craft; employment; job; metier; métier; occupation; profession; trade; work
Branche craft; metier; métier; profession; trade Industry; LOB; branch; branch of industry; business classification; economic sector; industry vertical; line of business; line-of-business; occupational group; sector of industry; vertical
Erwerb craft; metier; métier; profession acquiring; acquisition; bread winning; buy; buying; livelihood; obtaining; procurance; purchase; purchasing
Fach craft; employment; job; métier; occupation; profession; trade; work branch; discipline; limb; science discipline; specialism; sprig; twig
Gewerbe craft; metier; métier; profession activity; businesses; bustle; companies; diligence; enterprises; factory; firms; industry; plant; trading company; zeal
Handel craft; metier; métier; profession bargain; business; commerce; deal; goods trade; market; market place; trade; transaction
Handwerk craft; metier; métier; profession craftsmanship; expertise; handicrafts; skill; skilled labour
Job profession appointment; commission; job; nomination
Kaufhandel craft; metier; métier; profession goods trade; market; market place; merchant skill; salesmanship
Metier craft; métier; profession; trade
Wirtschaft craft; metier; métier; profession bar; business; café; coffeeshop; economic life; economics; economy; inn; political economy; pub; public house; tavern; trade and industry
- professing

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Related Definitions for "profession":

  1. an occupation requiring special education (especially in the liberal arts or sciences)1
  2. affirmation of acceptance of some religion or faith1
    • a profession of Christianity1
  3. an open avowal (true or false) of some belief or opinion1
    • a profession of disagreement1
  4. the body of people in a learned occupation1
    • the news spread rapidly through the medical profession1

Wiktionary Translations for profession:

  1. occupation
  1. kurz für: Berufsstand
  2. Arbeitsbereich, den jemand erlernt hat
  3. berufliche Arbeit, bezahlte Arbeit
  4. Bezeichnung für eine spezielle, erlernte Erwerbstätigkeit
  1. Beruf, Berufung, Gewerbe, Handwerk, Leidenschaft (sich zu etwas bekennen)

Cross Translation:
profession Beruf beroep — een bezigheid waarmee men de kost verdient
profession Beruf werk — beroep
profession Beruf; Handwerk; Gewerbe métierprofession.
profession Beruf; Gewerbe; Profession professiondéclaration public d’un sentiment habituel.

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