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Detailed Translations for rebuild from English to German


to rebuild verb (rebuilds, rebuilded, rebuilding)

  1. to rebuild (reconstruct)
    verbauen; umbauen
    • verbauen verb (verbaue, verbaust, verbaut, verbaute, verbautet, verbaut)
    • umbauen verb (baue um, baust um, baut um, baute um, bautet um, umgebaut)
  2. to rebuild (reconstruct)
    rekonstruieren; wieder abspielen
  3. to rebuild (convert)
    rekonstruieren; wiederaufbauen
    • rekonstruieren verb (rekonstruiere, rekonstruierst, rekonstruiert, rekonstruierte, rekonstruiertet, rekonstruiert)
    • wiederaufbauen verb (baue wieder auf, baust wieder auf, baut wieder auf, baute wieder auf, bautet wieder auf, wiederaufgebaut)
  4. to rebuild
    – To recompile the source versions in order to produce a named set of deliverables (software components). 1

Conjugations for rebuild:

  1. rebuild
  2. rebuild
  3. rebuilds
  4. rebuild
  5. rebuild
  6. rebuild
simple past
  1. rebuilded
  2. rebuilded
  3. rebuilded
  4. rebuilded
  5. rebuilded
  6. rebuilded
present perfect
  1. have rebuilded
  2. have rebuilded
  3. has rebuilded
  4. have rebuilded
  5. have rebuilded
  6. have rebuilded
past continuous
  1. was rebuilding
  2. were rebuilding
  3. was rebuilding
  4. were rebuilding
  5. were rebuilding
  6. were rebuilding
  1. shall rebuild
  2. will rebuild
  3. will rebuild
  4. shall rebuild
  5. will rebuild
  6. will rebuild
continuous present
  1. am rebuilding
  2. are rebuilding
  3. is rebuilding
  4. are rebuilding
  5. are rebuilding
  6. are rebuilding
  1. be rebuilded
  2. be rebuilded
  3. be rebuilded
  4. be rebuilded
  5. be rebuilded
  6. be rebuilded
  1. rebuild!
  2. let's rebuild!
  3. rebuilded
  4. rebuilding
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for rebuild:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
neu erstellen rebuild
rekonstruieren convert; rebuild; reconstruct
umbauen rebuild; reconstruct breed; clone; convert; cultivate
verbauen rebuild; reconstruct
wieder abspielen rebuild; reconstruct
wiederaufbauen convert; rebuild exchange; fix; interchange; mend; redevelop; renew; renovate; repair; restore; resume; swap; trade
- reconstruct

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Related Definitions for "rebuild":

  1. build again2
    • The house was rebuild after it was hit by a bomb2
  2. To recompile the source versions in order to produce a named set of deliverables (software components).1

Wiktionary Translations for rebuild:

  1. to build again

Cross Translation:
rebuild wiederherstellen releverremettre debout ce qui était tomber ; remettre une chose dans la situation où elle doit être, une personne dans son attitude naturelle.