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  1. relegate:


Detailed Translations for relegate from English to German


Translation Matrix for relegate:

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- banish; bar; break; bump; classify; demote; kick downstairs; pass on; submit

Synonyms for "relegate":

Antonyms for "relegate":

Related Definitions for "relegate":

  1. assign to a class or kind1
    • People argue about how to relegate certain mushrooms1
  2. assign to a lower position; reduce in rank1
  3. expel, as if by official decree1
  4. refer to another person for decision or judgment1
    • She likes to relegate difficult questions to her colleagues1

Wiktionary Translations for relegate:

  1. jemanden zurückweisen, zurückholen, ausstoßen, ausschließen; ächten, verbannen
  2. jemanden mit einem Bann belegen, jemand eines Gebiets verweisen