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Detailed Translations for say grace from English to German

say grace:

to say grace verb (says grace, said grace, saying grace)

  1. to say grace (pray)
    beten; bitten; betteln; flehen
    • beten verb (bete, betest, betet, betete, betetet, gebetet)
    • bitten verb (bitte, bittest, bittet, bat, batet, gebeten)
    • betteln verb (bettele, bettelst, bettelt, bettelte, betteltet, gebettelt)
    • flehen verb (flehe, flehst, fleht, flehte, flehtet, gefleht)

Conjugations for say grace:

  1. say grace
  2. say grace
  3. says grace
  4. say grace
  5. say grace
  6. say grace
simple past
  1. said grace
  2. said grace
  3. said grace
  4. said grace
  5. said grace
  6. said grace
present perfect
  1. have said grace
  2. have said grace
  3. has said grace
  4. have said grace
  5. have said grace
  6. have said grace
past continuous
  1. was saying grace
  2. were saying grace
  3. was saying grace
  4. were saying grace
  5. were saying grace
  6. were saying grace
  1. shall say grace
  2. will say grace
  3. will say grace
  4. shall say grace
  5. will say grace
  6. will say grace
continuous present
  1. am saying grace
  2. are saying grace
  3. is saying grace
  4. are saying grace
  5. are saying grace
  6. are saying grace
  1. be said grace
  2. be said grace
  3. be said grace
  4. be said grace
  5. be said grace
  6. be said grace
  1. say grace!
  2. let's say grace!
  3. said grace
  4. saying grace
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for say grace:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
beten pray; say grace appeal; ask; beg; beseech; implore; plead; pray; query; request
betteln pray; say grace appeal; ask; beg; beseech; cadge; implore; live on one's money; parasitize; plead; pray; query; request; scrounge; sponge off
bitten pray; say grace appeal; apply for; ask; ask for; beg; beseech; file a petition; implore; invite; petition; plead; pray; query; request
flehen pray; say grace appeal; ask; beg; beseech; complain; implore; lament; make complaints; plead; pray; query; request; wail

Wiktionary Translations for say grace:

say grace
  1. say a prayer of thanks

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