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Detailed Translations for seep from English to German


to seep verb (seeps, seeped, seeping)

  1. to seep (ooze; trickle)
    laufen; tropfen; triefen; abtropfen; sickern; tröpfeln
    • laufen verb (laufe, läufst, läuft, lief, lieft, gelaufen)
    • tropfen verb (tropfe, tropfst, tropft, tropfte, tropftet, getropft)
    • triefen verb (triefe, triefst, trieft, troff, trofft, getroffen)
    • abtropfen verb (tropfe ab, tropfst ab, tropft ab, tropfte ab, tropftet ab, abgetropft)
    • sickern verb (sickere, sickerst, sickert, sickerte, sickertet, gesickert)
    • tröpfeln verb (tröpfele, tröpfelst, tröpfelt, tröpfelte, tröpfeltet, getröpfelt)
  2. to seep (trickle; ooze)

Conjugations for seep:

  1. seep
  2. seep
  3. seeps
  4. seep
  5. seep
  6. seep
simple past
  1. seeped
  2. seeped
  3. seeped
  4. seeped
  5. seeped
  6. seeped
present perfect
  1. have seeped
  2. have seeped
  3. has seeped
  4. have seeped
  5. have seeped
  6. have seeped
past continuous
  1. was seeping
  2. were seeping
  3. was seeping
  4. were seeping
  5. were seeping
  6. were seeping
  1. shall seep
  2. will seep
  3. will seep
  4. shall seep
  5. will seep
  6. will seep
continuous present
  1. am seeping
  2. are seeping
  3. is seeping
  4. are seeping
  5. are seeping
  6. are seeping
  1. be seeped
  2. be seeped
  3. be seeped
  4. be seeped
  5. be seeped
  6. be seeped
  1. seep!
  2. let's seep!
  3. seeped
  4. seeping
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for seep:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
abtriefen ooze; seep; trickle
abtropfen ooze; seep; trickle drain; dribble; drip; drop; exude; mess; ooze; pitter; trickle
laufen ooze; seep; trickle be going to; drip; drop; get a move on; go; haste; hasten; hurry; mess; move; move on; pitter; race; run; rush; speed up; sprint; trickle; walk
sickern ooze; seep; trickle drip; drip out; drop; fall; go under; leak through; mess; ooze away; perish; pitter; seep away; set; sink; submerge; succumb; suffer; trickle; tumble
triefen ooze; seep; trickle come down in torrents; drip; drop; flow; gush; mess; pitter; pour; run; trickle
tropfen ooze; seep; trickle drip; drop; mess; pitter; trickle
tröpfeln ooze; seep; trickle drip; drop; mess; pitter; trickle
- ooze
ModifierRelated TranslationsOther Translations
abtropfen trickled off

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Related Definitions for "seep":

  1. pass gradually or leak through or as if through small openings1

Wiktionary Translations for seep:

  1. to ooze through pores

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