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send word:

to send word verb (sends word, sent word, sending word)

  1. to send word (make known; notify; inform)
    informieren; warnen; von etwas in Kenntnis setzen; verkünden; mitteilen
    • informieren verb (informiere, informierst, informiert, informierte, informiertet, informiert)
    • warnen verb (warne, warnst, warnt, warnte, warntet, gewarnt)
    • verkünden verb (verkünde, verkündest, verkündet, verkündete, verkündetet, verkündet)
    • mitteilen verb (teile mit, teilst mit, teilt mit, teilte mit, teiltet mit, mitgeteilt)

Conjugations for send word:

  1. send word
  2. send word
  3. sends word
  4. send word
  5. send word
  6. send word
simple past
  1. sent word
  2. sent word
  3. sent word
  4. sent word
  5. sent word
  6. sent word
present perfect
  1. have sent word
  2. have sent word
  3. has sent word
  4. have sent word
  5. have sent word
  6. have sent word
past continuous
  1. was sending word
  2. were sending word
  3. was sending word
  4. were sending word
  5. were sending word
  6. were sending word
  1. shall send word
  2. will send word
  3. will send word
  4. shall send word
  5. will send word
  6. will send word
continuous present
  1. am sending word
  2. are sending word
  3. is sending word
  4. are sending word
  5. are sending word
  6. are sending word
  1. be sent word
  2. be sent word
  3. be sent word
  4. be sent word
  5. be sent word
  6. be sent word
  1. send word!
  2. let's send word!
  3. sent word
  4. sending word
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for send word:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
informieren inform; make known; notify; send word ask; call attention to; draw attention to; indicate; inform; inquire; inquire about; instil; instill; list; make inquiries about; make known; mention; point; point out; report; show; signal; tell
mitteilen inform; make known; notify; send word announce; blab; cover; define; denounce; depict; describe; disclose; explain; expound; express; express oneself; give away; give expression to; impersonate; inform; inform against; list; mention; narrate; peach; recount; report; reveal; reveal oneself; say; speak; squeal; state; talk; tell; tell tales; utter; ventilate
verkünden inform; make known; notify; send word announce; declare; expound; proclaim; state
von etwas in Kenntnis setzen inform; make known; notify; send word
warnen inform; make known; notify; send word admonish; blame; castigate; decry; denounce; exhort; rebuke; reprimand; reprove; scarify; warn
- advise; apprise; apprize; give notice; notify

Synonyms for "send word":

Related Definitions for "send word":

  1. inform (somebody) of something1

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