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  1. sharply critize:


Detailed Translations for sharply critize from English to German

sharply critize:

sharply critize verb

  1. sharply critize (drag down; get down; pull down)
    tadeln; kritisieren
    • tadeln verb (tadele, tadelst, tadelt, tadelte, tadeltet, getadelt)
    • kritisieren verb (kritisiere, kritisierst, kritisiert, kritisierte, kritisiertet, kritisiert)

Translation Matrix for sharply critize:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
kritisieren drag down; get down; pull down; sharply critize blast; carp; carp on; castigate; cavil; censure; criticise; criticize; decry; find fault with; run down; slate
tadeln drag down; get down; pull down; sharply critize accuse; admonish; bear a grudge; bear malice; blame; blame someone of; castigate; chide; decry; denounce; disapprove of; discredit; exhort; harbour a grudge; hold against; hold it against s.o.; rancor; rancour; rebuke; reject; remove; reprimand; reproach; reprove; resent; scarify; turn down; warn

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